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The Slow Fashion Innovation Program

The Slow Fashion Innovation Program


Working together for two months in The Slow Fashion Program,  we will be developing new collections, putting you in contact with suppliers of sustainable materials and local manufacturing, and afterward, we are going to help you sell your amazing work! Are you interested in joining us on this amazing journey?





What about starting your business in a more sustainable way? After the success of our workshop How to sell Slow Fashion, Community in Law is brought to you a new program: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program, that now is in the second edition offering online classes, and individual mentorship (online or in person depending on where you are based). In this second edition we are also offering the possibility to combine startup innovation program (online- 30h) with a prototyping phase in handmade illustration of shoes or bags, or in marketplace and e-commerce building (in person in Lisbon – 20h).

Our goal is to help you quickly learn about slow production to bring to the world more sustainable brands.

We will be working together for one month. Developing new collections, putting you in contact with suppliers of sustainable materials and local manufacturing, and afterward, we will leave you ready to go to the market.

You will work alone or in teams, as you prefer, and will receive advice and mentoring from experts in the fields of marketing, business, finances, intellectual property protection, and other areas. The goal is to create fashion collections in collaboration. Students will have access to all the guidance they need and additional exclusive materials.




What is included?

  • 10 lectures on different topics, with speakers from different areas such as finance, design, marketing, contracts, investments, crowdfunding, intellectual property, and others (face to face in Lisbon or online);


  • 10 live mentorship sessions;


  • at least 5 working meetings with mentorship (it can be online or in person depending on the topic);


  • access to a closed platform (if more than 10 participants) or Facebook group (if less than 10) where the exclusive work plan and daily material will be posted for consultation and completion of the tasks;


  • assistance in the formation of diversified and interdisciplinary teams among the participants;


  • organization of an exhibition fair of participant’s work, with space for networking and self-promotion;


  • exclusive access to the list of suppliers and sustainable raw materials in Europe;


  • access to the exclusive list of marketplaces where the participants can put their collections for sale for special prices;


  • special discounts on partner activities such as sewing courses, upcycling, SEO, design, and e-commerce;


  • the prototyping phase where you will be able to choose between learning how to build handmade shoes or bags, the manual illustration of bags or shoes, or e-commerce and marketplace building where you will be able to build your own e-commerce platform. This phase is optional and you can also apply only for it. Details below.


How much is it?

The early bird ticket for the online program is 170 euro per person for registrations made till November 28th.

Normal price will be 220eu from November 28th.


There is the possibility to combine the program with the prototyping phase (shoes, bags or e-commerce) in person, in Lisbon. In this case, we offer a promo price of 270 euro (early bird registrations till November 28th) or 320 (for registrations after the promotional period). Please, notice that the prototyping phase only will be available after a minimum of 5 students per class and we need to reach this number o before starting new classes, so the dates of this course will be flexible, but you only need to pay the prototyping phase after the class is confirmed.


Is possible to apply only for the prototyping phase, in this the case the course has a fee of 150 euro.

In any of our courses, we offer 15% discount for those:

  • who bring a friend;
  • for our former students;
  • for SkillShare participants.
  • for online participants;
  • for participants who came to us from one of our partners (should send us their private code);


In promotional periods we can have new offers, please follow the Community in Law page to keep updated with your promotions that are exclusive to our followers.

If you want to apply for the discounts, you should get in contact with us through our e-mail slowfashion.innovation@gmail.comor direct contact with our partners. Not cumulative discounts.


Online and in person in Lisbon, with the possibility of live participation to participants who can attend in person and will also be available online through our platform.


How to buy?

Tickets can be ordered by:

PayPal E-mail:

Or in the following links:

The Slow Fashion Innovation Program + Prototyping (50h) 2a ed.

The Slow Fashion Innovation Program (online – 30h)

Introduction to handmade shoe construction – 20h

Introduction to Drawing and Manual Illustration of Shoes – 20h

Building an E-Commerce Site in WordPress – 20h


How to contact us?

For any question, you can contact us through


This edition of the Slow Fashion Innovation Program it will be online, with individual mentoring sessions (in person or online depending on where are you based). The prototyping phase is in person, in Lisbon.

Would like to receive the complete program and schedule of classes? Please, fill our Pre-registration survey with your contact and we will send by e-mail!

Bonus: Community in Law!

Attending any of our programs you became part of the Community in Law, our platform for incubation of social business. The Slow Fashion Innovation is only one of our programs and we offer much more.

Co-working, Co-learning, and Co-happiness[1]

Workshops, guided visit to fabrics, suppliers, and stores, private networking events with partners and investors, pitch events, contests, Crowdfunding helping, coworking days, outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking, meditations, yoga and much more. Visit the Community in Law website to know more about us!

Slow Innovation Brands

We are committed to helping you not only create a brand and products. But create new concepts and things that people really need. Otherwise, we don’t believe that makes sense create anything.  In the present days, we have too many things and we have to buy things in a conscious way.  That is why we work hard in the market research, to see what really what is really missing in the offers already in the market. We don’t want just innovation, we want the innovation necessary for a better world and this includes the valorization of traditional techniques and the work of local artisans. We believe so much in the quality and the need of what you are going to create with us that we are building an exclusive marketplace to help you to sell your products. You will be able to finish our course and start selling immediately. Visit our online store to know what has been created by our students: Slow Innovation Brands.


See in pictures how was the first edition!


[1]from the pursuit of happiness.




Tay Carvalho: “What our students say about us: Thank you Community in Law for all the support throughout the Slow Fashion Innovation Program, really interesting program to know more about the sustainability in fashion and to change the way fashion is perceived, I’ll take what I learned for the rest of my life xx”


Julia: “an Amazing community with many things happening here!! I am very happy to be part of the teaching staff for slow fashion project and I am so inspired by other speakers, amazing student projects and a lot of valuable practical things happening out there. cooperation with businesses and higher education, investors, practitioners is what makes this community special. loved the topics in intellectual property, social media marketing, and other great speakers! thanks to the great team or organizing, I really hope and believe Community in Law will fly rocket high and bring a lot of value to its participants!”


Our Partners and Supporters


Our partners in the 1stedition! Would you like to be our partner? Please write to










Speakers and Mentors


Freya Veronica Christiansen Oropeza, founder of Slow Fashion Store. She grew up in Denmark and now lives in Spain. She has a background in service and project management, innovation and entrepreneurship. Very passionate about sustainability and animal rights, she is working with passionate designers who unfold their creativity in designing clothes in a sustainable matter and connecting them with the conscious consumer.
Webstore here!


Julia Shipitsina-Buchholz
, university professor (Moscow State University, National University of Science and Technology, Riga Strains University, etc), marketing strategist, consumption anthropologist, founder of That Red Sweater project. Master of Finance, Master of Business Administration, master of socio-cultural anthropology, currently Ph.D. researcher. 10+ years of experience working in-house in marketing management in global companies, such as SAMSUNG, L’OREAL, MARS INC., as well working with various international brands as a strategist in advertising agencies.

Links: Instagram, Webstore


Rita H. Lin
, Fouding Partner Ms. Lin focuses on patent and trademark issues encountered by startups and emerging growth companies, both domestic and international. She helps clients develop and implement forward-thinking IP strategies that would complement and empower her clients’ growth. She also has experiences counseling clients on CChina-related IP issues and works with foreign attorneys to protect the client’s overseas interests. Education: J.D. Boston University School of Law B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admitted to Practice: California, New York, New Jersey & U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
Website here!


Joana Guerra Tadeu
, the minimalist, graduated in Communication, co-founder of the sustainable curation network MONTRA / THE WINDOW, consultant, writer and speaker for ecology. It is dedicated to spreading a conscious lifestyle, to celebrate and support conscious consumption and ethical production, and to promote what is most beautiful and significant in Portugal: artisans, activists and other entrepreneurs with happy, fair and sustainable development. She was a journalist, management and banking consultant. She is the mother of the baby Aurora, married to a photographer who is also a movie and television double and the owner of the Goji dog.
Website A Minimalista
Website A Montra


Dom Taylor
, originally from the UK, has nearly a decade of SEO experience in Australia and the UK and sspecializesin technical and E-commerce SEO. Working with brands such as Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes he has helped them survive various algorithm updates and ultimately increase their profits from Organic Search and other digital channels. When not optimising websites for clients, he loves being outdoors: surfing and snowboarding. The previous discounts from Quiksilver has come in handy for this! Links: Website: Surfcoast Digital; E-Commerce Own Store: Shaka Surf.


Tatí Souza
, founder and partner of Community in Law, a business incubator and virtual coworking community, university professor (Superior Institute of Brasília). Tatí is a Ph.D. researcher at the New University of Lisbon, writing her thesis about digital nomadism and remote work. She has a Master in Sociology and a Degree in Law. With more than 10 years of experience as a university professor and consultor, she worked as lawyer, conflicts mediator and human rights capacitor in projects for vulnerable populations in Brazil and Portugal. In 2017 she did a mobility research at Universitá Sapienza in Rome, Italy, as part of her Ph.D. and in 2018 she participated at the European Innovation Academic and the Starters Academy, where she developed the Community in Law and Space Plant startups.
Contact: and


Oscar Levenstam Arturin. From the countryside in the south of Sweden, during his degree, Oscar got a huge interest for sustainability and later got a job at the biggest research institute of Sweden related to the textile industry, called Swerea. He worked as a consultant in a project called Mistra future fashion in which they explored the future of the fashion industry and how it could be more sustainable, modernized and transformed into a circular economy. He also worked in a project called SUPFES that explored the environmental issues of fluorocarbons in water repellent fabrics like Gore-Tex, and how could replace those with more sustainable alternatives.

Lourenço Gouveia 
Booth, works in NOVA University in Lisboa since 2015 where he coordinates the Career Center and the Innovation Center of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the academic community. He holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from NOVA University of Lisboa and a Master in Management and Entrepreneurship from ISCAL/IPL. Since December 2017 he is the proud founder of ‘Marmita Bio’, a plastic-free, organic food home delivery project. And most recently he is responsible for developing the perfect business model for ‘Paralegal Bot’, a private Artificial Intelligent legal consultant chatbot.
Linkedin from Lourenço here!



Carolina Conceiçãoe Souza is an advertising, specialist in Marketing and Fashion Design and a Master in Social Communication, where she studied the communication consumption of fast fashions networks in inner cities. Now he holds a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Lisbon where he discusses Slow Fashion and the identification of consumer behavior patterns. Minister courses and disciplines on sustainable fashion communication and marketing.



 Evgenia Emets is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. She creates works on the intersection of sound and visual poetry through artist books, calligraphy, performance, and objects. Today she lives Portugal, learning a new language, working on new projects, embracing and negotiating cultural, historical, and environmental legacies of her new home country. Eternal Forest is a new multidisciplinary long-term project. The goal of “Eternal Forest” is to rethink and transform our relationship with its forests. The film itself aims to raise awareness about the environmental situation caused by decades of unsustainable forestry practices, widespread eucalyptus monoculture, the breakdown of communities and human desertification in Portugal and call for a necessity to reconnect with nature in a deeper way.
Links to Facebook page and Website from the artist here!


Ana Patrícia Marques Gameiro Sousa. Slow Fashion Innovation Alumni, Ana attended the first edition of our Program. I felt so impressed with work that she did with her Brand (MUZA) that we invited her to be part of our Mentors Team.  She is graduated in Fine Arts-Painting at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, later Post-Graduation in Fine Arts-Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and Post-Graduation in teaching Visual Arts at IADE. For eight years, I went through the experience of teaching and training, having taught from the 2nd cycle up to the training of adults. I am currently the face of the brand MUZA (fashion accessories). Created about a year and a half ago, I developed the brand’s design, and the whole structure based on social, inclusive and sustainable awareness. At the invitation, I give lectures on “Entrepreneurship at the beginning of the career.