Community in Law | Using technology to bring knowledge to the streets
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About us


We are a community that uses technology to bring people together and empower them. Through our co-learning, co-working and co-happyness programs, we develop actions that seek to integrate the local community with migrants and refugees through common desires for self and social-development.

Our purpose


Our purpose is to bring information to those who need it most, promoting a space of sharing, citizenship, learning and work. Our mission is to combat the isolation of communities and personal solitude through interactive activities with virtual and in-person components.


Learning activities in various subjects with emphasis on training for the defense and promotion of individual and collective rights and formation of an entrepreneurial and resilient attitude to deal with problems of the day to day.


Learn about our courses:


> How to build a freelance contract


> Business taxes and regimes in Portugal


Collaborative work activities that seek to combat loneliness and procrastination.

Learn about some of the collective work activities:


> Skills Share


> Weekly local meetup coworking


Collective fun activities to promote the wellness of mental and bodily health.

Learn about some of the co-happyness activities:


> Balance, Yoga and Acroyoga practice


> Full moon meditation


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  • The Slow Fashion Innovation Program   Working together for two months in The Slow Fashion Program,  we will be developing new collections, putting you in contact with suppliers of sustainable materials and local manufacturing, and afterward, we are going to help you sell your amazing...